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AZ Cookbook by Feride is a 5-star palate pleaser…whether you are looking for a sweet bite or something savory this food blogger has covered it all. Marija graciously introduced me to Feride’s site when we wrapped up her interview a few weeks ago. Now, let’s meet Feride…

A cookbook is whispered about…do tell us everything you are willing to disclose. (The dynamics of going from blogging to print, etc.) I’d love my site to have the scoop. ;)

My work on the cookbook and my blogging started at the same time and there was mostly coexistence and really no transition. :) The cookbook is still a work in progress as I am trying to finish the manuscript as soon as I can. I do not have a publisher yet and I am looking for one. The book is going to be on both the food of Azerbaijan and its culture, mostly food related.

I stink at geography when we play Pictionary (my hubby loves stumping me)…so please enlighten us about your homeland Azerbaijan, please highlight traditions that surround food and cooking.

Azerbaijan is a beautiful country on the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Its food culture being an integral part of culture in general is deeply rooted in the history of the place. Azerbaijani foods exhibit elements of East and West but is unique in its own special way. Freshness of the ingredients, seasonality of dishes, carefully combining contrastive flavors (sweet and sour for example) so that neither dominates but all create one unique taste, splash of colors, vibrant flavors – these are some manifestations of the local cuisine. Azerbaijani’s are extremely hospitable with reverence for guests. They would feed whoever walks in the house, stranger or friend, with plenty of food regardless of their level of hunger or absence of it.

When I browse your site it would be so simple to grab an idea for something main dish AND a treat within a few pages…a sublime spread! Talk to us about how you go from inspiration, to creating, to actually posting. (Is it a process or simply what strikes your fancy?)

I find a good recipe and I am immediately stricken with the desire to cook it and take pictures of the entire process which I usually do. If the dish turns out well, the pictures get carefully sorted out, the best are picked and processed, the recipe adapted and typed and off they go online. It is a tedious process but is fun at the same time.

Who comes to mind the most when you are making a comfort food? Why?

My comfort food is Azerbaijani pasta dishes. Dumplings stuffed with meat, cheese, or butternut squash, tiny meat stuffed dumpling soup called “dushbere” and many others. Making them away from Azerbaijan always gives rise to nostalgic memories about gathering around a table in Baku – pasta dishes are prepared in a team made of women of a family and are consumed by the entire family gathering around a table to savor the fruit of their labor together.

Feride from AZ CookbookAZ Cookbook is a food blog that features recipes from Azerbaijan, the author’s birthplace and everywhere around the world – anything the author finds interesting and wants to experiment with in the kitchen. The blog has a large international following and has been mentioned in press on several occasions.

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  1. Thank you Feride and Marija! Best to you on your cookbook journey and blogging! ;)

  2. Correen, thank you so much for the opportunity! It was a fun interview:) Thank you, Marija, for introducing me to Correen.

  3. Gulara /

    Thank you for sharing our one of a kind cuisine with the world, Feride. You’re doing such a great job.

  4. Great post! I’m looking forward to heading over to your blog!! :)

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