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Dang it anyway…I love having foodie blogs land in my lap, well not literally, but figuratively speaking, Sandra’s site grabbed my attention, mainly because of her tagline, “Simple and affordable meal ideas” and as I ventured in for more of a browse it was obvious that she truly loves what she does…sharing good food and some of the darn tastiest food shots I’ve seen in a while! I’ve introduced myself, snagged this opportunity to “meet” in our interview…now it’s your turn to get to know about Sandra and her blog a bit more. Enjoy every byte bite!

Your blog is so versatile and filled with delish food shots. Tell us what you would like your reader’s to enjoy most about your blog.

Thank you Correen. I want my readers to relate to me. I want them to find at least one useful recipe to fit their busy schedule, and still succeed and accomplish making homemade meal for their family in about 30 minutes.

If you could pick 3 to 5 of your favorite ingredients what would you make and why?

Pasta, Chicken breast, Roasted peppers, Alfredo sauce..This is kind of household favorite.. put all together and you will have a meal not only fast and easy but delicious as well!

You are into writing about simple, easy and affordable meals…please give us some of your best tips and tricks to accomplish that goal.

That is my goal, to show maybe somebody who do not have time to spend hour or more in the kitchen. My tips, just prepare everything at night…chop, cut, prepare, marinade place in airtight container and voila..when you get home just put everything together and you will have lunch/dinner in no time.

Who is on your mind when you are in the kitchen cooking up comfort food? Why?

Usually when I cook I try to remember the recipe and think what would be good, how it will my thought are all about food!

What did you do to “take care” of you today?

This is good question:)) I spend all day home. Did my morning yoga, watched few movies, listened Pandora while preparing lunch and just enjoyed my day.

Sandra's Easy CookingThank you Correen for inviting me. My Name is Sandra from Sandra’s Easy Cooking and I am mostly writing affordable, easy, fast and balanced meals. I am self thought cook, photographer and writer. I believe that for all three there is no school if you do not have a passion, which I have a lot. Food Blogging is my escape, my virtual home and nothing is making me happy than to talk and share recipes with my foodie friends.

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  1. Sandra! Thank you for taking the time for our interview…have a beautiful Sunday ;)

  2. Thank you Correen so very much! It was honor and pleasure!!!

  3. Oh I just LOVE Sandra’s site – I am a huge fan! She makes everything so easy and beautiful. Great interview!

  4. Hi Correen! I’m a big fan of Sandra’s blog. Sandra, your advice on chopping veggies at night is a great idea for busy moms! We can listen to music and chop veggies when kids are sleeping! Fantastic interview!

  5. I love Sandra and her blog. She makes me feel I’m right there at her dinner table.
    great interview Coreen!

  6. Rachel /

    Love it, what a great site! I will be sure to come back and visit! If you get a chance check out AUGUST 2011 BLOG HOP over at my site, we would love for you to link up!


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