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Sunflower Salad

Ever had one of those times in your life that you stumbled upon something, either online or off, and you just knew it was one of your best finds in a long time? That was me upon discovering The Ardent Epicure. Beautiful by design the site is filled with one-of-a-kind recipes, food photos that will knock your socks off, as well as a myriad of links to more food! And who among us does not love food? I could go on but I’d really like our interview to shine here…you are soon going to discover your next best thing, yep I’m convinced of that!

Who is behind the scenes at The Ardent Epicure?

There are actually three contributors under different foodie names I am Alisha “Magic of Spice”, my son Adam is “Truffle Shuffle” and my son in-law Grely is “Sugar and Spice”. Each contributes in a unique way.

My side note…it’s a family affair, I sure would have loved the chance to do a blog with my grandma.

Are you a ‘food snob’ or a ‘food slob’ when preparing your own plate for din-din?

Most definitely a food snob, I can be pretty bad…I prepare food like I paint, each ingredient is like a brush stroke and worthy of its place in the whole. Individual ingredients are a passion of mine and they inspire each recipe or even a through together meal.

Have you ever encountered something that really surprised you in the kitchen?

Surprised is a broad term…I will say that I experience wonder in the kitchen on a daily basis. From the first pick of a fresh herb or veggie, then the transformation into a dish is still a wonder for me. How each and every ingredient blends and balances is sheer art.

What is your best-ever tip for someone that does not even know how to boil water?

Start with the basics and explore, exploration is how cooking like any other venture begins and remains. Play with your food, how can you go wrong? If it fails it is a mere lesson, but if you succeed build from there. Food is a necessity, but beyond this it is an art and a passion. Experiment with flavors and start with a small pinch of this and that, you will soon discover what you like with what.

Couscous, oranges, scallions, chicken, and prunes. What would you make from these ingredients? (Feel free to add in fats, spices, wine and water/stock)

An Orange and prune scented Couscous and Capacolla Chicken Roulade. Sliced and served on a bed of organic greens with a Prune balsamic Reduction. (I’ve grabbed the direct link for your dining pleasure…mm! mm! :*)

Why do you love food and talking (and snapping photos) about it so much?

Food has been a passion since early childhood. My dad was a chef, so I of course geared myself in that direction and became a chef. I grew up with an immense respect for the culinary arts and have always viewed food as an art form. As for the photography, well that is a progression towards the beauty of food and as an artist I try to bring this to life. I shoot a bit differently and work to bring the food and ingredients to a visual that honors it’s beauty.

The Ardent Epicure LogoThe Ardent Epicure~ An Ode to the Pleasures of Food…is committed to the exploration of flavors and flavor combinations. With primarily original recipes we try to not only teach the art of food preparation, but encourage exploration into the delightful world of “Pleasures of Food”. Our hopes are that we are introducing others to delightful ingredients and at the same time giving an easy to follow preparation of individual dishes. Sometimes this carries over into some of the more complex dishes that the culinary world has to offer.





  1. Thank you Alisha, Adam and Grely for loving food so much that we may enjoy your labors of love. It was a true pleasure to have worked with you on this interview…~cheers to our long acquaintance!

  2. How mouth watering yummy. Great interview. I enjoyed it. thank you.

  3. Correen, thank you so much for the interview opportunity. I had a great time and hope you did as well :)

  4. It’s great to learn more about the people behind a great site like the Ardent Epicure!

  5. Always a pleasure to know more about you, Alisha.

    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend

  6. Tasty interview. Love the Truffle Shuffle nickname.

  7. Dontcha love people who are passionate about food and photography! A very interesting and entertaining interview and I love that it’s a family affair.

  8. Great interview Alisha & Correen! Alisha, your genuine passion and talent always shines through.

  9. I loved reading this and learning more about The Ardent Epicure. Great questions – thanks for the read!

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