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I’ve met a lot of wonderful food bloggers in my blog interviews…Ray happens to be one of the nicest fellas ever. The passion for what he does on his blog and in his catering business shines through as you browse his pages…then, I had the chance to ask him a few questions that made it even clearer to me that Ray “loves” what he does. Much like his father before him, Ray is a perfectionist, a perfectionist that provides us with stunning results, especially in his recipe shares and food photography. I’m forever grateful to Nami for the introduction. ;) It’s with great pleasure that I introduce all of you to Ray…enjoy!

Many people struggle to come up with different articles/posts and they only have one blog. How do you keep coming up with content for your blog?

Although I consider my blog fun activities, it also plays a big part in my catering business, so I take blogging VERY seriously. My catering business is geographically restricted (for now) and that’s the nature of it. But with the help of the Internet, I am able to showcase my menu, my recipes, and my photography to the world. So, the thought of inspiring other home cooks is what gives me the drive to come up with content.

Talk to us about your catering business, Wok With Ray.

I was very worried when I started the business in 2008. I was worried about who’s going to help me running the business. But everything fell into the right place because all of my big orders are for weekend parties! Weekends are when I could also get help from my family and that’s how it has been since then. Maybe I should rename the business “Wok with Ray on Weekends.” But my plan for the future (when our economy gets better) is to expand the business, so we’ll see.

Typical day is very stressful especially if I have multiple parties in one day. But after the storm has passed, feeling of satisfaction always prevails and this is the satisfaction of being blessed with a chance to pursue my passion even on a smaller scale.

My best sellers are the Pancit Noodles and Pineapple Chicken BBQ. I have never had any catering without these two items being ordered.

What’s the one food item you refuse to eat no matter what the circumstance?

I am very much open-minded when it comes to trying out food of any ethnic backgrounds and that’s what I always preach to my kids – “try it before you say NO.” But there is one Asian food that I will never eat and that is Durian! You would probably have to pry open my mouth in order for me to eat it! LOL!

How has your family heritage shaped what you eat and cook in the kitchen? Who has been your greatest influence?

I came from a Filipino family of cooks. My mom and my aunts all ran restaurants in the past. But my greatest influence in cooking was my late dad. He loved to cook for us and he liked perfection in his kitchen. He was very meticulous when it came to the ingredients to put in his dish!

What are some things you enjoy doing whenever you have some down time?

I don’t know if you’d like to call it down time because the passion continues whenever I get a break by writing and developing recipes and of course Food Photography. Food photography is another thing that I really enjoy.

I have one simple rule in posting my blog. “No high quality photo, NO post!” In fact, I have a lot of recipes that I tested and drafted but I refused to post because I can’t produce a high quality photograph on that particular occasion. Oh, and I love reading food magazines not because of their recipes but to look at pictures of food. That’s how I train my eyes in food styling and photography.

Wok With RayI am a husband and a father of three wonderful children. I am a self-taught home cook, a caterer specializing in Filipino and other Asian home style cooking, and a big Food Photography enthusiast. I love to share my passion of cooking to other home cooks, so please visit my blog at

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  1. Ray! Thank you from the bottom of my pea-pickin’ heart for sharing “more about you” for all of us to enjoy. Keep on keeping on with what you do! ;)

    • Oh I forgot to tell you…just in case you didn’t know…I was born in the Philippines, many moons ago, when our family was stationed at the San Miguel base.

  2. Hi Correen! I’m glad you enjoyed getting to know Ray. :-) I wish he’s in my neighborhood so that I can ask him to cook for my kids’ birthday parties etc. Ray, you did a wonderful interview. I need to check food magazines to improve my photography. Thanks for the tip! ;-)

  3. Thank you very much Correen for this opportunity and it’s an honor to be part of your interviews with other great foodies and culinary geniuses.

    I also want to thank Nami of Just One Cookbook for introducing me to you, Correen.

    More success to you, ladies!

    ~ ray ~

  4. Seriously Ray, you are such a talented photographer and chef! You bring honor to your dad with your work ethic and high standards. It was nice getting to know you better through this interview! Thanks Nami for sending me here!

  5. Correen, Thanks for posting this interview with Ray! Ray – thanks for giving it! It’s always wonderful getting to know other bloggers, learning their culture, and why they do what they do. We know it’s a passion, but what triggered it? Great post! Thanks to you both!

  6. My first time here! Glad to meet you, Correen!
    I am a huge fan of Ray…and it’s really nice to know more about him through this interview!

    • A pleasure meeting you too Tina. Thanks for stopping by today, I know Ray is enjoying the kind words from his fans. ;)

  7. Pleasure to meet you Correen :)
    It has been absolute pleasure knowing him and I am grateful for that. He is really good in what he does and he often inspires me especially we are on the same business and thank goodness we live miles apart or else he is my number #1 competitor! LOL!

  8. Fellow Filipino Ray is a good foodie friend and it is so nice to read more about him. His food photos are tops and his stories are so enjoyable. I wish him all the best with his business and hope that when it expands, he’ll deliver overseas.

  9. I salute Chef Ray and everything he’s doing to showcase delicious Filipino food by way of his catering business and his beautiful blogposts! He is one of the best chefs around, and also the kindest and MOST supportive fellow food blogger/foodie friend anyone can have. Thanks for making the food universe better, Chef Ray ! Mabuhay po kayo & maraming salamat, po !

    • Elizabeth…I agree Ray’s work online and off exudes a passion for his food and culture. Thank you for stopping in today to read our interview.

  10. I’d like to thank all of you who took the time to read the interview and leave wonderful comments.

    Correen – you are doing a great job for the community of food bloggers especially for unknown foodies like me. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and may you always be blessed with more success.

    Take care,

    ~ ray ~

  11. Hello Correen, I have only discovered Ray’s blog very recently and I am really glad I did, he is one of the nicest and most talented bloggers out there..thank you for interviewing him so that we can know a little more about him :)

  12. Hi Coreen, my first time here. Nice to meet you and wonderful interview with Ray. :) I just got to know Ray and enjoy his blog very much. He is such a friendly person.

    Ray, great to know you a little better. :)

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